Butternut Squash Fries

So I’ve had a butternut squash sitting in my kitchen for well over a month. I’ve been debating over what to make with it but mostly just haven’t wanted to deal with peeling and cutting it myself. I know you can buy peeled or even peeled and cut squash at any grocery store but buying a whole one is a lot cheaper! A huge tip I read somewhere said to peel it with a Y-shaped peeler instead of a knife: huge help. Considering I’ve broken knives before in squash encounters I was so happy that this actually worked.

Today I made a Hungry Girl recipe: Butternut Squash Fries from her new cookbook!

The recipe is super easy and honestly the worst part is cutting up the squash!
Here is a picture if the recipe:



All ready for the oven!
20 minutes and one flip later:

Delicious! Such a good swap for potatoes. I had experimented with making sweet potato fries at home (so good) but never tried butternut squash. I know HG does some other fry swaps that I would definitely be willing to try.

Now I have to figure out what to do with the left over squash. Hmm